Career Transition Worksheet Package

worksheet package


These 7 “YOU, The Ultimate Project” Career Planning worksheets are designed to help you plan & organize your career transition, create and design a task oriented  career plan and build you a high level schedule of real-tasks to complete for your career change.

Worksheets included in this Project Management Career bundle :

  • Personal Career Plan Outline
  • Personal Communications Sheet
  • Personal Career Makeover Planning List
  • Personal Education Plan
  • Personal Design My Goals Plan
  • Personal Task Outline & Schedule
  • Personal Idea & Discovery Sheet

This Package is NOW Available for $7.00.

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Author: Loretta Rose, Lifestyle Maven |Designer & Stylist

Loretta Rose is a Lifestyle Maven|Designer, Strategist, & Creative Entrepreneur passionate about living, working, celebrating, & managing daily life in style that creates happiness, confidence, and inspiration. Loretta is a Wife, Mother, interior designer, project manager, brand strategist, artist, a designer, and founder of Loretta Rose Living Co. A Style & Lifestyle Brand providing home style & decor, cooking, andand unique products that add creativity & style to life's activities & projects. Loretta Rose is also the Author of "YOU, The Ultimate Project" & The "LIVE + WORK Your Style" Workbook & Guide Series.

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