Beauty: Love Your Skin


Beauty: “LOVE YOUR SKIN + How I Get Sun kissed”

The Skin that I have is most valuable to me… it’s with me for our lifetime! Besides from drinking plenty of water, in which I drink 1 Gallon per day.. because I deeply believe in taking care of my skin from the inside + outside. I travel and stay on-the-go as Wife + Boss Mom and it’s important to me that I can travel with carry on products that maintain my skin’s radiance, suppleness, and year-round “sun kissed” glow. 


With (5) major products that travel well with me I maintain my just been kissed by the sun skin:

My Dressed 365 Water Bottle








Barlean’s Coconut Oil


Physicians Formula Argan Wear| Oil + Physicians Formula BB Cream


Physicians Formula Bronze Booster



Until Next Time,






****Disclaimer*** This is not a sponsored post, these are my current personal skin care products that I use to maintain my year round glowing skin.




Author: Loretta Rose, Lifestyle Maven |Designer & Stylist

Loretta Rose is a Lifestyle Maven|Designer, Strategist, & Creative Entrepreneur passionate about living, working, celebrating, & managing daily life in style that creates happiness, confidence, and inspiration. Loretta is a Wife, Mother, interior designer, project manager, brand strategist, artist, a designer, and founder of Loretta Rose Living Co. A Style & Lifestyle Brand providing home style & decor, cooking, andand unique products that add creativity & style to life's activities & projects. Loretta Rose is also the Author of "YOU, The Ultimate Project" & The "LIVE + WORK Your Style" Workbook & Guide Series.

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