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Loretta’s World = Style + BossMom + Nomad

I’m Loretta Rose of Dressed 365  online Style Studio based out of the Carolina Coast of North Carolina AND…the founder of  The Life + Style Academy  for online tutorials, classes, and resources for remote working + entrepreneurs….and I’m very excited about spending a little time with you today.

So to give you just a little about ME…  My Journey has been designed with many Lessons Learned, with a blissful balance of revelation, education, and celebration of being ME!

So I actually worked in corporate America as a remote + on-site project manager in various industries that include technology, finance, retail, and manufacturing for 22 years before I discovered my true passion of design + style + travel….kind of like an AHHHHH moment! I resigned from my traditional career in 2014 and I Launched Dressed 365 Style Studio 2 years ago with HOME Collections, The Tailored Dress Career Collection, and Now we have various seasonal, trendy, and fabulous collections … majority of our sales are online BUT we have the Studio in North Carolina where I cut, design, sew, work with my style team, and do custom fitting sessions with direct retail and private customers.


My latest Collection: iRemote is a travel collection that I designed after working remotely for many years and learning what works and what is very important in traveling successfully while working… once I designed and developed the iRemote Collection I realized there is far more knowledge + solutions I have for others… Hence the  Life + Style Academy  development success programs with resources, free tutorials, and affordable online classes.  So, it’s very important to me that you leave here today with not only some great information but a blessing as well.




Through the determination to find the path to LIVING+WORKING+CELEBRATING life my style and transitioning into working remotely 100%, traveling the world, and living my dreams…. I have created a remote online resource for  unique travel wardrobe pieces, travel accessories, and comfort clothing with minimal care that provide you with the lifestyle, fashion, and success to adventure in style!

The iRemote full Collection Release will be on 2/15/17…  SHOP the iRemote  Collection

Quick Stylist Tip:

The Ready to Wear pieces in the Resort Collection are great for the woman on-the-go Spring + Summer.


 Mesh Dress: by:  Dressed 365

Photo Credit: Hazeldrea.m

Makeup by: Hazeldrea.m

Location: Carolina Beach, NC

Thanks for stopping by, and XOXO My Dear!

Stay Connected with me on Instagram: Stylist Loretta Rose

As Always….**LIVE + WORK + CELEBRATE  Life your style**





Author: Loretta Rose, Lifestyle Maven |Designer & Stylist

Loretta Rose is a Lifestyle Maven|Designer, Strategist, & Creative Entrepreneur passionate about living, working, celebrating, & managing daily life in style that creates happiness, confidence, and inspiration. Loretta is a Wife, Mother, interior designer, project manager, brand strategist, artist, a designer, and founder of Loretta Rose Living Co. A Style & Lifestyle Brand providing home style & decor, cooking, andand unique products that add creativity & style to life's activities & projects. Loretta Rose is also the Author of "YOU, The Ultimate Project" & The "LIVE + WORK Your Style" Workbook & Guide Series.

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