Life + Style Academy


The  Life+Style Academy by Loretta Rose|Designer & Life Stylist has launched!

The place where you Learn to LIVE + WORK + CELEBRATE Your Style with the Loretta Rose. The Philosophy of the Life+Style Academy is that Life involves more than just work, and more than just dinner with the family, but much more… Life is everyday routine, and sometimes not routine but a time to celebrate special events and inviting family & friends over to enjoy the small & the big moments of life. Life is everyday work no matter what your job is; whether a professional outside of the home, a Stay-at-home Mom, a remote professional with a home office, a busy entrepreneur with a whole world at your fingertips of your phone & laptop, or a Travelista; one whom I personally given the name.. the Traveling Diva, always on the go throughout the day…yet she finds time to decorate, cook, do the laundry, shop for the family, and take care of herself.

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