What does being Naturally Beautiful mean to me?

 What is my definition of Naturalista?

For me deeming myself a “Naturalista” Natural Beauty, means simply that what I wear tends to be what is comfortable, what feels great, and not what looks great.

As a “Naturalista”, my opinion is that a Natural Beauty doesn’t require me to have all the glam, the glitz, the extra make-up, the hair styles, and special clothing. Having Natural Beauty, is when you can get up and go and have the appearance & look to be stunning & amazing.

Is there a secret to my Natural Beauty? Being naturally beautiful is more about presenting myself in a style that suits me individually without too much extra accessories and time spent on myself to take away what I already have naturally.

Is there a specific make-up that I use to make me look like a Glammed-up Super Star?  I do feel that when it comes to make-up, I normally use less and try to blend with colors, tones, and shades that looks very natural as if I don’t have on any. I don’t specifically want to look like a Glamorous model every day. I do not spend hours on my hair, and I allow my hair to take on it’s natural radiance, personality, and grace.

So what about Natural hair care, beauty care, skin care, and vitamins to enhance my beauty?  I do not just only use products only made from nature, I definitely use a mix of products…. The natural hair care products and my favorite line of hair care that promote moisture retention, curl enhancement, sulfate free, and frizz free curly brands. For skin care I generally love the Neutrogena products, and I do a Women’s One-A-Day vitamin.  

When people see me they usually want to know how I always look so vibrant, and glowing, and healthy? I often tell folks that It’s what I eat… what I drink… and what I do. It’s from within & It’s about using natural remedies for the inside AND for the outside to look and feel healthy. And I drink plenty of water…tends to be a Gallon of Water a day. HYDRATE is the key! Nutrition, exercise, and drinking plenty of water are my everyday ways of how I consider my appearance from within.

It’s definitely in the palm of your hands, and you don’t have to look like a “Plain Jane’, or a “Basic Bobbie”… It is definitely true that when you are dressed to feel good you will end up looking absolutely great! So, following my True Passion I design clothing, accessories, and home decor for comfort, what feels good, and what makes brings happiness.

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Loretta Rose, Designer| Stylist| Life Style Maven  & of Course….. Naturalista!


 ***This Post is NOT Sponsored by Neutrogena or Women’s-One-A-Day Vitamin***  These are my personal opinions, and products that I use on a daily basis.