POSH Promoters


WELCOME to POSH Promoters by Dressed 365!

Hello Beautiful! & Thank you for your Interest in Posh Promotions !

We look forward to speaking with you … The Dressed 365 Posh Promotions Generally Run by Seasonal increments, and we are currently in the Winter + Resort 2017 Promo for POSH Promoters to receive 1 FREE Monthly Promo Gift Box.
*** And if you enjoyed the Winter 2017 Promo Boxes, You may Continue for the Spring 2017 + Summer 2017.
***Current Posh Promoters can submit referrals to the Dressed 365 Style Team for NEW Posh Promoters via email or Instagram.

The Next Season is Spring 2017 Promo, and we will Post a Spring Promotions Open Call for these opportunities on March 1st, 2017.

(4) Steps to Becoming a POSH Promoter for Dressed 365:

STEP 1 ) If you were referred by a current Posh Girl, the Style team will contact you… otherwise,send an online link to your social media accounts and the style team will contact you…You will then proceed to STEP 2….

STEP 2) Scheduled Joining Session with the Style Team + Your Personal Follow Up Session with Designer| Stylist, Loretta Rose.
STEP 3) Send the Style your Shipping|Mailing Address for your Seasonal POSH Promo Box

STEP 4) Receive your Monthly Promotions Box + Design Style + Fabric Samples

***If you have completed Steps 1 + 2…. PLEASE submit your address below to begin receiving your POSH Promo Gift Box…