The “iRemote” Travel Collection Released


The “iRemote” Travel Collection Released

Today was so exciting & such an accomplishment for the Style Team & I as we finally completed a “soft’ launch for The ‘iRemote” Co. Travel  Accessory Collection in the Studio in the “Maven” Set that included:

  • The Laptop Bag 
  • Cord Keeper
  • Luggage Tag
  • Accessory Case
  • Travel Pillow
  • Carry-On Bag

The iRemote Co. will launch LIVE Store online on 5/19/17 featuring (4) of our Summer Collection Sets by Stylist Loretta Rose.


For me, the best part of working remotely, traveling, and designing fashion garments is definitely packing for the trip with the unique style of travel bags, cosmetics bags, garment bags that I bring along with me…Fun + Fashion + Essentials.

There can be challenges and many things you could easily forget… to take with on a remote location, but I have designed a fashionable, stylish, affordable travel collection called “iRemote” …. The iRemote Brand is complete with Collections by Designer + Stylist Loretta Rose is designed to ensure the “beat goes on” working away from if you were in your own mini closet.

The iRemote Collection has soft fun fabrics + bright colors that are durable, washable, and will easily travel for the long haul. The exclusive Summer 2017 collection includes:

  • Shoe Bags
  • Pillow Cases
  • Duffle Bags
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Carry-on Bags
  • Luggage Tags
  • Travel Pillows
  • Cosmetic + Toiletry Bags
  • Eye wear Cases
  • Tablet + Laptop Cases

Also, the “iRemote Collection will also include mini playbooks + guidebooks for working on-the- go…these will be available on 6/1/17 online for purchase.

The ‘iRemote playbooks contain tips, strategies, and planning perks for remote working such as…

  • It is important to create a sense of connection to home.
  • Resist the temptation to take EVERYTHING.
  • Remember that well packed bags give you a sense of comfort for the long haul.
  • Always develop and manage a remote project packing list + guide.
  • Work in a comfortable area… whether it’s your favorite coffee shop, work sharing co-op place, or from your home office space.
  • Maintain your carry-on bag with lots of comfort items.

Stay tuned as I continue to bring great tips on working remotely…



Loretta Rose, Designer|Stylist| Lifestyle Maven





Style: Spring Fever for Havana


Spring Fever Havana Style

Hey There… Spring is coming! Spring is coming! Can you tell I definitely have Spring Fever? Yes, I sure do and it’s an early release of The NEW Havana Collection that has me so excited..



While on the release is happening… work mus go on at Dressed 365 and the Style Team & I are traveling to make busy schedules and appointments, I just could not resist the Beautiful, Bright, Spring Colors on my trip so I decided to release The HAVANA Collection before the SPRING Collection itself simply because this one is full of happy colors that scream… “Spring Fever” !


While traveling and working remote with the wardrobe + style team this week, I believe that the team and I probably handed out business cards and discount coupons every place I walked into wearing The HAVANA Collection How inspiring is that?

This Collection is such an inspiration to just go pack a bag and take road trip… I recommend the iRemote Collection by Dressed 365 and enjoy this Spring like weather!


Stop by and shop online and get the look at dressed 365

Quick Stylist Tip:

The Ready to Travel Soft Blue Tie Up Wrist Blouse is machine washable and is soft + easily fits in travel bag with minimal ironing.


 “The HAVANA Zip Clutch” by:  Dressed 365

“The Blue Blouse with Yellow Wrist Ties”  by: Dressed 365

“The Yellow Maxi Skirt” Choker by: Dressed 365

Photo Credit: Hazeldrea.m

Makeup by: Hazeldrea.m

Location: Lake Norman, NC

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Style: Golden Rose


Golden Rose

The Golden Strap Halter has to be my absolute favorite staple piece this season… and I travel with it because it goes well under blazers, jackets, and cardigans…. so much that I decided to create this halter in more colors… so this week the Style Team & I have been fabric hunting and selecting  the perfect resort collection additional pieces.


The Style Manager: Phylicia and I searched, stretched, pulled, and finally made a selection of 4 additional colors: Mint Green, Peach, Pink, & Black… We will create the Rose Gold Halter, in these 4 colors and bring them to the Studio and most importantly… I will be packing them along on my travels this upcoming weeks.. So, you definitely will be see more of The Resort Collection in February.

Shop for your Rose Gold Halter>>> SHOP Dressed 365

Quick Stylist Tip:

The Ready to Wear pieces are great for the woman on-the-go Spring + Summer.


Halter Top: By Dressed 365 

Photo Credit: Hazeldrea.m

Makeup by: Hazeldrea.m

Location: Lake Norman, NC

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Loretta’s World


Loretta’s World = Style + BossMom + Nomad

I’m Loretta Rose of Dressed 365  online Style Studio based out of the Carolina Coast of North Carolina AND…the founder of  The Life + Style Academy  for online tutorials, classes, and resources for remote working + entrepreneurs….and I’m very excited about spending a little time with you today.

So to give you just a little about ME…  My Journey has been designed with many Lessons Learned, with a blissful balance of revelation, education, and celebration of being ME!

So I actually worked in corporate America as a remote + on-site project manager in various industries that include technology, finance, retail, and manufacturing for 22 years before I discovered my true passion of design + style + travel….kind of like an AHHHHH moment! I resigned from my traditional career in 2014 and I Launched Dressed 365 Style Studio 2 years ago with HOME Collections, The Tailored Dress Career Collection, and Now we have various seasonal, trendy, and fabulous collections … majority of our sales are online BUT we have the Studio in North Carolina where I cut, design, sew, work with my style team, and do custom fitting sessions with direct retail and private customers.


My latest Collection: iRemote is a travel collection that I designed after working remotely for many years and learning what works and what is very important in traveling successfully while working… once I designed and developed the iRemote Collection I realized there is far more knowledge + solutions I have for others… Hence the  Life + Style Academy  development success programs with resources, free tutorials, and affordable online classes.  So, it’s very important to me that you leave here today with not only some great information but a blessing as well.




Through the determination to find the path to LIVING+WORKING+CELEBRATING life my style and transitioning into working remotely 100%, traveling the world, and living my dreams…. I have created a remote online resource for  unique travel wardrobe pieces, travel accessories, and comfort clothing with minimal care that provide you with the lifestyle, fashion, and success to adventure in style!

The iRemote full Collection Release will be on 2/15/17…  SHOP the iRemote  Collection

Quick Stylist Tip:

The Ready to Wear pieces in the Resort Collection are great for the woman on-the-go Spring + Summer.


 Mesh Dress: by:  Dressed 365

Photo Credit: Hazeldrea.m

Makeup by: Hazeldrea.m

Location: Carolina Beach, NC

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Velvety Holiday Vibe



The Dressed 365 Studio & Custom Dress Shop ready for your Holiday Vibe

This year our studio launches our holiday collection with Velvety Velour & Sequin… schedule your appointment with us today for a holiday  wardrobe fitting & session.


Happy Holidays,


Loretta Rose, Designer|Stylist|Lifestyle Maven




Groovy Baby



Groovy Baby by Dressed 365 featuring ankle boots

A Fashion look from November 2016 by Loretta Rose, Designer|Stylist featuring: Pierre Balmain, CHANEL, and Dressed 365 Collections.


chanel-mini-vase Haute Couture CHANEL Designer Inspired Flower Vase


Pierre Balmain ankle boots

Chanel handbag

Chanel brooch
49979415910__39544657-2359-4E9E-B55A-EB6DF6DF330E.JPG Graphic Tee with Satin Lace Up by Dressed 365
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Not your average Chic



The “Bed of Roses” Satin Kimono by Dressed 365

Cara red brooch

Estée Lauder perfume fragrance



Fall Fresh & Travel Ready



Fall Fresh with Loretta Rose featuring Satin Travel Shoe Bags

img_3109  Satin Travel Shoe Bags by The Travelista Collection

                                $32.99 Satin Travel Shoe Bags by Loretta Rose

*****THIS POST IS NOT SPONSORED***  Curated & Style Choices Only.
Loretta Rose|Designer|Life Style Maven|Fashion Stylist
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