“iRemote” Online Training Series

iRemote Training Series

Working Remote…Anywhere! Anytime! Anyplace!


The best projects I have worked on involved core project teams, part-time members, contracted resources from all over the world and various vendors and service providers that created a “melting pot” of folks working on one initiative to get the job done. The most critical part of working remotely is… Communications!

There can be challenges and many assumptions from a team of people who are working from a remote location, but I would like to share with you how to mitigate challenges and how to ensure the “beat goes on” as if you were all together in one big office building…

  • It is important to create a sense of collaboration and team effort among the team members.
  • Resist the temptation to assume everyone is always on the same page, and instead continue to develop your ongoing activities that build communication.
  • Remember that strong communication lines can be the difference of a project success and a project failure.
  • Always develop and manage a remote project the same way you would an on-site project and that includes regular meetings and promote information sharing with your team and members. This measure is a key that creates collaboration and success!
  • Work in a comfortable area… whether it’s your favorite coffee shop, work sharing co-op place, or from your home office space.
  • Maintain updated meeting minutes, logs of issues and risks.


If you are a entrepreneur, planning to become an entrepreneur, a contractor, or ready for a change in your career… Register for the online iRemote series training with me, and learn how to work remote successfully.

The Initial Class is absolutely FREE! Starts March 6th, 2017

100-What is iRemote & How to use it: FREE *Limited Time Only

101- Connect, Commute, & Transition:  $9.97

102- Your Work Style Objective & Planing Guide: $9.97

103- Designing Your Home Office Space with Loretta Rose: $9.97


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365 Chiffon Pleated Skirt

Pre Fall Arrivals


The 365 Collection’s Purple Chiffon Pleated Skirt is a feminine & classy asset to your wardrobe. This Skirt has a side thigh high split with 2″ pleats and the full skirt measures 42″ from waist to ankles. The Lining is soft knit fabric that is attached to the waistband. This Skirt will available during the fall season for $32.00.

Not sure what size to order? Send a email to chat with the 365 team… Lorettarose365@gmail.com.


How to LIVE + WORK YOUR Style?



YOU have Style of your own… with a lifestyle that says who you are, and it’s defined by your personality. Mainly you are one particular type of style personality, however you may sometimes wear styles that are more closely related to another. What’s your design personality? How do you perceive yourself as … classy & Sassy, fancy & glam, trendsetter style, or having a casual & comfort style? To LIVE Your Style means to live YOUR life to what brings you happiness, joy, peace, and allow your Natural talents, gifts, and skills to flourish and prosper giving honor to WHO you are everyday. To WORK Your Style means to purposely seek a career that makes you happy and give you a sense of self-expression and creativity with your talents, passion, and skills.

Your style is shown and displayed and self expressed in your wardrobe, fashion and what you wear, your work space, AND your home! Your home is where you relax, unwind, reconnect with family, and renew YOU! So, how important is your design personality when it comes to choosing colors, fabrics, designs, and decorative objects? It is Important to your well being, your mood, your thoughts, your peace of mind, and your lifestyle!

Are you Classy & Sassy? Generally like a classic, timeless, quality is your taste, and can usually maintain and use your clothes from your wardrobe, and linens from your closet for many years. Then you would most likely enjoy the Loretta Rose365 Classic Rose Collection…The {Loretta Rose365 Classic Rose Collection} A timeless, elegant, and traditional Collection with the all time Classic Rose prints on beautiful fabrics.

Are you Fanciful & Glamorous? Typically  have a creative, romantic, and fancy style and very feminine shades of colors AND you have the most feminine way of dressing up your home? The Loretta Rose365 “Hello Beautiful Collection” is a design style that you would truly find to fit your personality in a space that you want to create for yourself. The Loretta Rose365 {Hello Beautiful Collection] A Vivacious yet Charming style designed with gorgeous feminine hues of color that appeal to beauty for dressing rooms, vanity rooms, salons, and spa.

 Are you trendy & focused on what’s the latest style in design, clothing, shoes, and jewelry? This style likely has all your friends and family eager to see what you may wear on any given day because you are always on your “dress game” and have the latest style before everyone else…. Then, you will typically enjoy The {Loretta Rose365 Urban Collection} A kaleidoscope Collection designed with a trendy, jet setter, artistic Culture, Multi-Cultural patterns, medallions, and stylish artistry.

If you prefer a casual and comfort style design with an effortless look… Then The Loretta Rose365 Campus Collection which is my official “preppy fashion style” with Bright, Chromatic, and Vibrant Colors inspired by outdoors activities: sailing, tennis, golfing, and equestrian. Cultivates classic dorm room or teen room inspires the best years of life.

To LIVE Your Style means to live YOUR life to what brings you happiness, joy, peace, and allow your Natural talents, gifts, and skills to flourish and prosper giving honor to WHO you are everyday.

Need design style help or just to give you some tips on how to pull together the look you are trying to achieve? Request your FREE 15 Minute Session with me online via the link  CONTACT and give me a few details and I will send you some inspiring ideas with The Loretta Rose365 Designs in mind.

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Loretta Rose365 June Fav’s

The Loretta Rose365 June Favorites!

As a Consultant, lifestyle & career strategist, fashion designer, wife, and mother… my OOTD generally has to be very multi-functional as I go from business meetings, to school lunches, the market, and cooking dinner… whatever the daily schedule consists, including how I transition from day/office wear to comfort traveling and family lifestyle wear I have put together a small list for my June Loretta Rose365 Fav’s! Enjoy!

me on the loretta 365


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Look Polished & Put Together in Summer Season

rejae pic for rose

LIVE & WORK A Summer Flex & Comfort Professional Look

The Most important fashion and style question that I have during the summer is… “HOW do I look polished and put together during the summer heat season?”

Well, if you are a on-the-go woman such as me… you are traveling, working, moving constantly… It’s not easy, but it’s a time of the year where comfort and classics definitely come into play with your wardrobe. So what I recommend is you choose fabrics and pieces that require less ironing, breathable, and lightweight that are great layering clothing and accessories.

So, the MAIN focus of a Summer Polished & Professional look is… Breathable Fabrics & Comfort! Yes, sounds simple but you really need to just try it… the  fabric you choose gives you flexibility and comfort while you can wear a classic wrap dress, strapless jumpsuit, or a midi dress throughout the season.

A LIVE & WORK  Summer Flex & Comfort Professional wear for me consists of:

  1. Lightweight Jackets **for Office Wear
  2. Comfort Lightweight Tees & Tanks
  3. Summer Fabric Trouser Pants
  4. Soft Blouses
  5. Wrap Dresses (Knits & Knit Blends)
  6. Maxi Skirts
  7. Pencil Skirts
  8. Circle Skirts
  9. Midi Dresses (Knits & Knit Lightweights)
  10. Jump Suits of cotton, knit stretchy, and my favorite… Knits & Lightweight Knits

We all have “dress down Friday’s” right? During the Summer Season Jeans can be not only  hot & uncomfortable… but constricting for movement… So my advice is to opt for the Light/Stretchy Denim fabrics in choices of skirts and Knee Length Pants.

To wrap up this post, here are (8) of my most favored tips that I can give you on staying polished and put together during this season:

  1. Dress for success… meaning dress like you are happy, a successful person looks happy & confident!
  2. Know that you are Extraordinary and you are capable of great things when you are dressed comfortable.
  3. Take good care of your skin with facials, cleansing, and moisturizing is key!
  4. Get your rest, and get a good night’s sleep.
  5. Drink plenty of water, as your body needs hydration to restore your energy levels, to restore you mind and keep your skin, hair, and nails healthy.
  6. Sip on hydrating fluids throughout the summer season.
  7. Know that YOU are to be a blessing to ALL the people around you: where you work, in your community, your family.
  8. YOU are beautiful & YOU can captivate all those around you with your “Polished & Put Together” summer look & style.

****Model: Rejae is Wearing: Shoes by ALDOS, Pencil Skirt by Loretta Rose Fashion Summer Collection, and H&M Blouse

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