“iRemote” Online Training Series

iRemote Training Series

Working Remote…Anywhere! Anytime! Anyplace!


The best projects I have worked on involved core project teams, part-time members, contracted resources from all over the world and various vendors and service providers that created a “melting pot” of folks working on one initiative to get the job done. The most critical part of working remotely is… Communications!

There can be challenges and many assumptions from a team of people who are working from a remote location, but I would like to share with you how to mitigate challenges and how to ensure the “beat goes on” as if you were all together in one big office building…

  • It is important to create a sense of collaboration and team effort among the team members.
  • Resist the temptation to assume everyone is always on the same page, and instead continue to develop your ongoing activities that build communication.
  • Remember that strong communication lines can be the difference of a project success and a project failure.
  • Always develop and manage a remote project the same way you would an on-site project and that includes regular meetings and promote information sharing with your team and members. This measure is a key that creates collaboration and success!
  • Work in a comfortable area… whether it’s your favorite coffee shop, work sharing co-op place, or from your home office space.
  • Maintain updated meeting minutes, logs of issues and risks.


If you are a entrepreneur, planning to become an entrepreneur, a contractor, or ready for a change in your career… Register for the online iRemote series training with me, and learn how to work remote successfully.

The Initial Class is absolutely FREE! Starts March 6th, 2017

100-What is iRemote & How to use it: FREE *Limited Time Only

101- Connect, Commute, & Transition:  $9.97

102- Your Work Style Objective & Planing Guide: $9.97

103- Designing Your Home Office Space with Loretta Rose: $9.97


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