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LOVE YOURSELF….Before you can LOVE anyone or anything else…. LOVING YOU and being Grateful begins with YOU!

✨For being Me I am Grateful…For an Amazing Life… …I am grateful and All the Best people I’ve met along the way during my experienced career pathways, The lessons learned to bring me to passion & work I do as an artist of creativity with style + designer of garments and maven of lifestyle interiors…


I have transitioned from a Corporate Executive + Project Manager to following my passion in an industry of creative minds, designers, stylists, and I absolutely love being able to pour my personality and my happiness into EVERY moment.


The projects that I work on have my heart & soul in each & every design.✨✨Every Gown, every dress, Every home I enter to create a custom design … Is a great experience and I am proud of with a grateful heart.

******This Week is exciting with my NEW Junior Stylist of the Dressed 365 Studio***Whom I will be posting about soon, so stay tuned in to my blog.


In the Studio this week we will be working on The Red, White & Blue Garments for NEW Additions in the Summer Collection!


✨OOOTD: This Red Ruby Tunic by @stylistlorettarose available on



Until Next Post,

Loretta Rose, Stylist|Designer|Maven

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Life & Style “beYOUtiful” Tour 2017


The Life & Style “beYOUtiful” Tour 2017

presented by Dressed 365 AND Loretta Rose, Designer|Stylist|Lifestyle Maven

It has been a passion for me to create + design + develop an event while traveling that is designed to inspire you in creating yourself a life that is renewing, rejuvenating, and re-inventing YOU with Style that celebrates WHO YOU ARE!

Because I have developed a remote work ethic and project management style of discovering the path to creating a lifestyle with passion.

I have launched the beYOUtiful Tour 2017 to travel + work +design +meet the people that I impact the most with events that include: 

  • VIP Brunch w/Loretta Rose & The Style Team
  • Wardrobe Renew Style Sessions
  • HELLO ME Career Style Sessions
  • Posh Promoters Meet & Greet
  • Exclusive 2017 Collection Showcase
  • The “iRemote” Lifestyle Workshops

The Life & Style Tour Travel + Tour Schedule:

Spring & Summer: North Carolina, South Carolina, Miami, *Ohio, *Maryland, *Brooklyn NYC, New York City, Manhattan NY, Atlantic Coast + Florida

Fall: Houston Texas, Phoenix Arizona, Yukon OK

Winter: Los Angeles + Beverly Hills California

*Denotes Location for Brunch Stops Only

***** Pre-Register and Receive updates per each spring event you are interested in via email

Thanks for stopping by, and XOXO My Dear & You will receive an awesome email from me soon with event information… Thank You for Pre-Registering!

Stay Connected with me on Instagram: Stylist Loretta Rose

As Always….**LIVE + WORK + CELEBRATE  Life your style**





The Projeto Bookstore Opens Monday June 6th, 2016!


The Projeto Bookstore Opens Monday June 6th, 2016!

The Projeto Design & Plan Your Project Planning Guide $29.99

The Projeto Creative Journal for Project Managers $19.99



The YOU, The Ultimate Project Program



The YOU, The Ultimate Project 2016!

Career Transition +  Empowerment + Coaching 1-on-1

This Year’s  Annual  1-on-1 Career Transition + Empowerment Program 12 Week Summer Session opens registration online on May 23rd, with early bird special for your first initial 1 hour session only $99 through June 21st,2016!

Sessions Open on July 1st, 2016 with limited daily space so register early.

Please Note ***After the Early Bird window is closed on June 21st , the regular Summer Session  1-on-1 price will be $126/per weekly session.

The  Career Transition + Empowerment coaching sessions will be hosted by the Projeto Management Solutions President & Career Professional, Loretta Rose in a 1 hour weekly sessions. ***Therefore, daily Spaces/slots are definitely limited.The Summer Sessions be held during the Month of July, August & September, 2016 virtually/online.

Program Sessions formally begin on: July 10th, 2016 & last day of  Program is: September 30th, 2016.

These sessions will include valuable career training, weekly transitioning inspirational & empowerment information within 12 weekly program for 1 hour with virtual discussions such as:  Career in Project Management Success, FREE initial Membership with iRemote Centers  & Co-Working training, Personal Development,  we will cover how to move forward with your career after a job loss, a career change, and when you are seeking inspiration to make a career change, and also sessions on taking care of YOU, Rejuvenating your self esteem while transitioning…. and Much MORE!

For more information on this year’s 2016 Summer 1-on-1 Sessions subscribe and receive the latest information, updates, and schedules HERE.


JOIN US this July, August, & September for this Powerful Career Transition Program

Career Transition +  Empowerment + Coaching 1-on-1



XOXO with Empowerment Love,

Loretta Rose



Keys to Team Meeting Success

Meeting Guide to Success

I have probably attended thousands of team meetings, and managed and facilitated more than I have been invited to… My day involves many meetings, conference calls,  and I often get asked the question “How do I conduct successful, informative, and great team meetings?”

****I believe in sharing knowledge to empower so, I am providing my keys to successful team meetings for you to follow and use as guidelines****

Initially, the time you need to cover agenda topics will vary depending upon the needs of the team meeting purpose.

Introductions –  (5 min.)
As  general rule I always welcome everyone and briefly states the objective of the team meeting. Allow individuals to introduce themselves, and provide a description of their role within the company or team and their area of expertise and how they may be able to contribute to the  efforts. The material to be presented by the following agenda topics should come right from the Introductions.
Meeting Ground Rules – (5 min.)
For example, one person talks at a time, speak to the agenda and topic, etc.
Management/Lead Statement – Management/Lead (5 min.)
After brief introductions, the manager should describe the vision for the team, demonstrate support, and advocate for its success, setting it as a priority for all parties involved.
Background and Purpose- Manager (5 min.)
• Meeting  Objectives – Manager (10 min.)
• Meeting Scope & Schedule – Manager (15 min.)
• Roles & Responsibilities – Manager (10 min.)
As a Manager or Team Lead, when reviewing roles and responsibilities be explicit about expectations relative to your availability and your commitment and support for the team. This creates great vibe within your team!
Next Steps – Manager (5 min.)
• Questions (10 min.)

Provide a list of the material to be distributed to the attendees. Be sure that one of the Team members in attendance is scribing for the session, capturing important project-specific information that requires further review or discussion as well as potential issues that could impact the team. The notes will be compiled into meeting minutes to be distributed to all the attendees and retained in the team email directory.

Document each project decision reached and its impact. Also indicate if the decision requires follow-up actions. If so, these should be captured below.

Document any project issues identified and its impact. Also indicate if the issue requires follow up actions. If so, these should be captured below.
Action Items for Follow-up
Capture any follow up activities and the individual responsible for them as well as set a date as to when the action needs/should be completed. At the end of the meeting, the scribe should recap the action items. These should also be included in the meeting notes to be distributed.

To Receive  The Free Meeting Success Printable Template & Tutorial! Complete the form here.

Until Next Time,

You are … Smart * Savvy * Successful!

Loretta|President of Projeto Management & Training Solutions


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