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LOVE YOURSELF….Before you can LOVE anyone or anything else…. LOVING YOU and being Grateful begins with YOU!

✨For being Me I am Grateful…For an Amazing Life… …I am grateful and All the Best people I’ve met along the way during my experienced career pathways, The lessons learned to bring me to passion & work I do as an artist of creativity with style + designer of garments and maven of lifestyle interiors…


I have transitioned from a Corporate Executive + Project Manager to following my passion in an industry of creative minds, designers, stylists, and I absolutely love being able to pour my personality and my happiness into EVERY moment.


The projects that I work on have my heart & soul in each & every design.✨✨Every Gown, every dress, Every home I enter to create a custom design … Is a great experience and I am proud of with a grateful heart.

******This Week is exciting with my NEW Junior Stylist of the Dressed 365 Studio***Whom I will be posting about soon, so stay tuned in to my blog.


In the Studio this week we will be working on The Red, White & Blue Garments for NEW Additions in the Summer Collection!


✨OOOTD: This Red Ruby Tunic by @stylistlorettarose available on



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Loretta Rose, Stylist|Designer|Maven

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The “Always in Aruba”-Knit Halter Top


Hey There Lovies… I’m so excited to release my latest collection…. The Resort 2017 Collection!

The “Always in Aruba” Knit Halter top is definitely a Ready to Wear staple piece with keyhole + tie up in Back. When designing this Collection, I wanted to create pieces that scream out ..”staple pieces+ready to wear+ comfort+ travel + style”!!!!! And so we have it arriving online in just 2 more days on 1/25/17 AND  on 2/15/17 we will be launching & showcasing LIVE on social media the collection.

With such a busy schedule networking, planning, designing, creating, traveling, and working remote… I chose to design a collection that offers the ability to pack well when traveling, less ironing, easy to create an effortless yet glamorous fashion statements, and fabrics that will allow me to move on the go, and stay comfortable the entire day.

This collection includes soft knits, comfortable cottons, flowing chiffon, sheer soft dresses, and lightweight jackets that can be all be worn from the desk to dinner.

Stay tuned & follow me on Instagram> and on Twitter as we launch this amazing Resort 2017 Collection!

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In The Studio!!! with Loretta Rose & Team

CREATING Something Glamorously Amazing… It’s Truly a Blessing when we use a COMBINATION & MULTITUDE of the Talents & Gifts we were given to share with the world….My Blessings & Gifts are wonderful, and my Passion is VISION + DESIGN + STYLE = SEWING BEAUTIFUL that allows me to Create Something Amazing & Beautiful…by Loretta Rose, Designer| Stylist| Life Style Maven.

Today we are working In The Studio on NEW Collection pieces… Dresses, Pants, Jumpsuits, & The Evening Wear Collection. 

We recently launched HELLO ME! Custom Wardrobe Design, where we create the look, the style, the fashion closet filled with beautiful custom fit clothing just for YOU!

To learn more and JOIN FREE Today as a HELLO ME Member... Find us HERE.

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Many Thanks to my dedicated & hard working team…


Loretta Rose, Designer| Stylist| Life Style Maven


Dressed 365- Holiday 2016

Dressed Collage Stripes.jpg


Dressed 365- Holiday 2016 by lorettarose-1 featuring pointy-toe pumps

Hello ME!


The Hello ME! Custom Wardrobes

NOW Available by appointment & Upcoming Events for 2016 are here!

Hello Ladies…. The HELLO ME! Designer|Stylist|Life Style Maven, Loretta Rose Announces… HELLO ME! Custom Wardrobes for women that include the CURVE Collection, The Tailored Collection, Travelista Collection, Charmed Collection, & Custom Couture Collection.

Your Custom Wardrobe done by Designer| Stylist| Life Style Maven, Loretta Rose  are by Appointment only… Make your Appointment today for your Custom Fitted Dresses, Jumpsuits, Career Outfits, & Tailored Holiday Dresses… Wrap Dress, Winter Capes, Pant Suits, Jumpsuits, Holiday Dresses….Custom Fitting Events are held weekly on Saturday’s and coming to a location near you throughout the Fall/Winter Season.

Designer|Stylist|Life Style Maven, Loretta Rose Announces… HELLO ME! Custom Wardrobes for women that include: The CURVE Collection, The Tailored Collection, Travelista Collection, Charmed Collection, & Couture Collection.

Get on the list with all the other  SMART*SAVVY*STYLISH women!

Schedule Your HELLO ME Session

 The HELLO ME! Team will be hosting Weekend Group Sessions & Wardrobe Events near you send your contact email below to receive email updates and our Holiday Schedule.

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Loretta Rose365 June Fav’s

The Loretta Rose365 June Favorites!

As a Consultant, lifestyle & career strategist, fashion designer, wife, and mother… my OOTD generally has to be very multi-functional as I go from business meetings, to school lunches, the market, and cooking dinner… whatever the daily schedule consists, including how I transition from day/office wear to comfort traveling and family lifestyle wear I have put together a small list for my June Loretta Rose365 Fav’s! Enjoy!

me on the loretta 365


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Loretta Rose365

Look Polished & Put Together in Summer Season

rejae pic for rose

LIVE & WORK A Summer Flex & Comfort Professional Look

The Most important fashion and style question that I have during the summer is… “HOW do I look polished and put together during the summer heat season?”

Well, if you are a on-the-go woman such as me… you are traveling, working, moving constantly… It’s not easy, but it’s a time of the year where comfort and classics definitely come into play with your wardrobe. So what I recommend is you choose fabrics and pieces that require less ironing, breathable, and lightweight that are great layering clothing and accessories.

So, the MAIN focus of a Summer Polished & Professional look is… Breathable Fabrics & Comfort! Yes, sounds simple but you really need to just try it… the  fabric you choose gives you flexibility and comfort while you can wear a classic wrap dress, strapless jumpsuit, or a midi dress throughout the season.

A LIVE & WORK  Summer Flex & Comfort Professional wear for me consists of:

  1. Lightweight Jackets **for Office Wear
  2. Comfort Lightweight Tees & Tanks
  3. Summer Fabric Trouser Pants
  4. Soft Blouses
  5. Wrap Dresses (Knits & Knit Blends)
  6. Maxi Skirts
  7. Pencil Skirts
  8. Circle Skirts
  9. Midi Dresses (Knits & Knit Lightweights)
  10. Jump Suits of cotton, knit stretchy, and my favorite… Knits & Lightweight Knits

We all have “dress down Friday’s” right? During the Summer Season Jeans can be not only  hot & uncomfortable… but constricting for movement… So my advice is to opt for the Light/Stretchy Denim fabrics in choices of skirts and Knee Length Pants.

To wrap up this post, here are (8) of my most favored tips that I can give you on staying polished and put together during this season:

  1. Dress for success… meaning dress like you are happy, a successful person looks happy & confident!
  2. Know that you are Extraordinary and you are capable of great things when you are dressed comfortable.
  3. Take good care of your skin with facials, cleansing, and moisturizing is key!
  4. Get your rest, and get a good night’s sleep.
  5. Drink plenty of water, as your body needs hydration to restore your energy levels, to restore you mind and keep your skin, hair, and nails healthy.
  6. Sip on hydrating fluids throughout the summer season.
  7. Know that YOU are to be a blessing to ALL the people around you: where you work, in your community, your family.
  8. YOU are beautiful & YOU can captivate all those around you with your “Polished & Put Together” summer look & style.

****Model: Rejae is Wearing: Shoes by ALDOS, Pencil Skirt by Loretta Rose Fashion Summer Collection, and H&M Blouse

Until Next Time,


Loretta Rose 365

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